Sunday, July 1, 2007

A kid in a candy store

That's how I feel here at the NASA Ames research centre. The conference on THE FUTURE OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE COSMOS is going really well. I moderated the session on cultural evolution today.

Dinner was at a wonderful Chinese restaurant called Chef Chu. I sat next to Marvin Minsky, from MIT's AI lab. Also at my table: SF writer Jack McDevitt, NASA Ames director Pete Worden, Star Trek: Enterprise producer Andre Bormanis, Ames chief scientist Stephanie Langoff, Ames data-mining expert Ashok Srivastava, and cetacean researcher Lori Marino.

After, Jack, Lori, Andre, Ashok, Marvin and I hung around in the NASA parking lot, stargazing (and enjoying the rising full moon).

All in all, a terrific day.

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