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North American Covers

Golden Fleece

[Golden Fleece: Tor Cover Art] [Golden Fleece: Warner Cover Art]

Covers of the North American bookstore editions of my first novel, Golden Fleece.

On the left is the 1999 trade-paperback revised edition published by Tor (ISBN 0-312-86865-0). The art is by Bob Eggleton.

On the right is the original 1990 mass-market paperback edition published by Warner/Questar (ISBN 0-445-21078-8). The art is by Barclay Shaw.

I much prefer the art used on the Tor edition. Indeed, as you can see below, that art has now been used three times to illustrate versions of Golden Fleece:

[Amazing Cover Art] [SFBC Cover Art] [Tor Cover Art]

The first time was when a novelette version appeared as the cover story in the September 1988 edition of Amazing Stories magazine [left].

I liked the art so much, I suggested that the Science Fiction Book Club use it on their November 1991 hardcover edition [middle].

And I also suggested that Tor use the same painting on their November 1999 trade-paperback revised edition of the novel [right].

If you get the idea I really like this painting, you're right. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought the original from Bob Eggleton; it hangs in my living room.

The painting depicts the starcology Argo in the background, with one of the ship's complement of boomerang-shaped landing craft in the foreground. The backdrop is a starbow, seen when traveling at relativistic speeds.

Bob Eggleton also did the covers for the U.S. editions of my novels Fossil Hunter and Foreigner. Plus he did the cover for the Tor Books, trade paperback edition of End of an Era.

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