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Annotated Dedication and Acknowledgments

End of an Era


For David Livingstone Clink,
my brother-in-law and close friend,
with thanks and admiration

[David is one of my best friends; Carolyn and I get together with him at least once a week. He's a terrific guy.]


My profound thanks for years of encouragement go to:

[End of an Era was actually the first novel I wrote, so I thought I should acknowledge those who had encouraged me along the road to becoming a published author]

  • Carolyn Clink [my wife]
  • Ted Bleaney [my best friend from high school]
  • David Livingstone Clink [my brother-in-law]
  • John Robert Colombo [one of Canada's foremost literary figures; he bought one of my first stories in 1982]
  • Terence M. Green
  • Andrew Weiner [Terry and Andrew are Toronto writers who broke in several years ahead of me and were always willing to offer advice]

This book was unearthed with their help and the help of:

  • my editors at Ace, Peter Heck and Susan Allison [Peter had bought the book in 1991, but had left Ace in 1992; Susan saw End of an Era through to its publication in 1994]
  • Nick Austin [my editor at New English Library, who published the British edition the book simultaneously with the American edition]
  • Roger MacBride Allen [who I asked to read the manuscript to provide a cover quote, which he did — but he also provided an incredibly good critique of the book; I did a whole additional draft based on his terrific suggestions]
  • Asbed G. Bedrossian [one of my closest friends from high school, who has lived in Los Angeles since 1978]
  • Jerry Bokser [a good friend from high school, who visited the Canadian particle-accelerator facility TRIUMF, and provided me with all sorts of background information about it; several scenes in the novel are set at TRIUMF]
  • Richard Curtis [my agent, who sold this novel]
  • Howard Miller [a deaf-and-blind friend on CompuServe, who reads my novels with a computer that converts them to Braille; he is an incredibly good proofreader]
  • physicist Dr. Ariel Reich [my high-school buddy with a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley]
  • John Rose of Bakka Science Fiction Bookstore in Toronto [who read the book in manuscript]
  • Alan B. Sawyer [my brother, who read the book in manuscript]
  • Dr. Dale A. Russell, the Curator of Fossil Vertebrates at the Canadian Museum of Nature [who read the book in manuscript, and provided great technical feedback]

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