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Annotated Dedication and Acknowledgments



For Terence M. Green and Merle Casci,
with thanks and friendship

[Terry is a Canadian SF writer who has been enormously supportive of me; I've known him since 1982. Merle is his wife. They're two of Carolyn and my closest friends.]


Sincere thanks to:

  • my agent, Ralph Vicinanza [this is the first book to be sold for me by my new agent]
  • my editor at Tor, David G. Hartwell [my new editor — a real hands-on editor]
  • Tad Dembinski, also of Tor [tragically, Tad passed away in September 1999, at the age of 27, from a heart attack related to childhood heart disease]
  • Jane Johnson of HarperCollins UK [who bought British rights to the book from Ralph]
  • Catherine Brown, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C), obstetrician and gynecologist ["F.R.C.S.(C)" is "Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada); I've known Catherine since 1972; she was enormously helpful with the in vitro fertilization subplot]
  • David E. Gilbert, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [who provided all sorts of background information; much of the book is set at Lawrence Berkeley. My friend Ariel Reich introduced us]
  • David Gotlib, M.D., Resident, Department of Psychiatry, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland [who checked much of the medial information in the book]
  • Robert A. Hegele, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto [who gave me a tour of his DNA-research lab in Toronto, and read the manuscript of the book looking for technical problems; "F.R.C.P.(C)" is "Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Canada)"]
  • Isla Horvath, Director of Communications, Huntington Society of Canada [who provided a lot of background on Huntington's Disease, and read the book in manuscript to make sure I'd done justice to the sensitive issues surrounding this disease]
  • Joe S. Mymryk, Ph.D., London Regional Cancer Centre, London, Ontario [a geneticist who had contacted me because he'd enjoyed The Terminal Experiment, saying if I ever needed advice from a geneticist to call him; I took him up on that.]
  • Ariel Reich, Ph.D., who was my host during my visit to the University of California, Berkeley, and who tracked down follow-up information after I left
  • the late Nobel laureate Luis W. Alvarez, Ph.D., who graciously allowed me to visit him at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory [I spent half a day with Alvarez — father of the asteroid-impact hypothesis for the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinctions — on Wednesday, September 7, 1983.]

Many thanks also to:

  • Kent Brewster [a writer who asked me if he could read the book in manuscript]
  • Michael and Nomi Burstein [two devoutly Jewish friends from Massachusetts, who were kind enough to read the manuscript over their honeymoon in Toronto, making sure that I was accurate and appropriately sensitive in the Treblinka and Demjanjuk material]
  • Stephen P. Conners [an expert on helicopters; he'd sent a letter to Analog after reading the serialization of The Terminal Experiment, quibbling with my use of firearms; I wrote him back, discovered he was an expert on aviation, and called upon him to help me work out the helicopter-crash scene in Frameshift]
  • Richard Curtis [my first agent, who had been involved in the early stages of marketing this book]
  • Marina Frants [who helped me with the Russian used in the book]
  • Peter Halasz [a consultant to the biology industry, and also a former resident of Montreal, who helped me both with technical matters and with the French spoken by the character of Pierre Tardivel]
  • Howard Miller [proofreader]
  • Amy Victoria Meo [of Richard Curtis Associates, my former agency]
  • Lorraine Pooley [who read the manuscript, and caught a bunch of typos]
  • Jean-Louis Trudel [a French-Canadian SF writer, who helped with the French language used in the book]

And, as always, I'm indebted to my regular group of incisive manuscript readers:

  • Asbed Bedrossian [of Los Angeles]
  • Ted Bleaney [of Kitchener, Ontario]
  • David Livingstone Clink [my brother-in-law, of Toronto]
  • Richard M. Gotlib [a lawyer in Toronto]
  • Terence M. Green [Toronto SF writer]
  • Alan B. Sawyer [my younger brother]
  • Edo van Belkom [Brampton, Ontario, horror writer]
  • Andrew Weiner [Toronto SF writer]
  • and, most of all, my lovely wife, Carolyn Clink

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