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Foreign Edition Cover Art


[FlashForward Turkish Cover Art][FlashForward German Cover Art]

Turkish edition (left); German edition (right)

The Turkish edition, FlashForward, is published by ABIS Basim (ISBN 975-605-60572-9-8).

The German tie-in edition, Flash, is published by Heyne (ISBN 978-34-535-2370-8).

[FlashForward original Italian Cover Art][FlashForward Tie-in Cover Art]

Original Italian edition (left); New Italian tie-in edition (right)

The original Italian edition, Avanti nel tempo, was published by Fanucci Editore in 2000 under their Solaria imprint (ISBN 88-347-0761-3). Cover art by Maurizio Manzieri.

The new Italian edition, FlashForward: Avanti nel tempo, is published by Fanucci Editore (ISBN 978-88-347-1578-9).

[FlashForward Japanese Cover Art][FlashForward Hungarian Cover Art]

Japanese edition (left); Hungarian edition (right)

The Japanese edition was published by Hayakawa in 2001 (ISBN 4-15-011342-4). Note the "J." in the middle of the byline; the Japanese don't use middle initials, so they leave it as an English letter.

The Hungarian edition, FlashForward: A Jövö Emlékei (Memories of the Future), is published by Galaktika Kiadó (ISBN 978-9639828452). Cover art by Sallai Péter.

[FlashForward Bulgarian Cover Art][FlashForward French Cover Art]

Bulgarian edition (left); French edition (right)

The Bulgarian edition is published by VL Publishing House (ISBN 954-311-083-4).

The French edition, Flash Forward is published by Editions Bragelonne (ISBN 978-28-112-0313-9).

[FlashForward Czech Cover Art]

Czech edition

The Czech edition, FlashForward, is published by Baronet (ISBN 978-80-7384-319-9). If we FlashForward in time, maybe we can find my missing J.

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