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The Quintaglio Concordance

by Robert J. Sawyer

Copyright © 1994 by Robert J. Sawyer
All Rights Reserved.

A guide to 417 persons, places, and things described in the novels that make up Robert J. Sawyer's The Quintaglio Ascension trilogy:

  • Far-Seer
    (Ace Science Fiction, June 1992, ISBN 0-441-22551-9)
  • Fossil Hunter
    (Ace Science Fiction, May 1993, ISBN 0-441-24884-5)
  • Foreigner
    (Ace Science Fiction, March 1994, ISBN 0-441-00017-7)

A note of caution: this concordance covers events up to and including the end of Foreigner, the concluding volume of the trilogy. You might not want to read it too closely unless you've already finished reading the books, lest surprises be spoiled for you.

Dates given use the old pre-Larskian calendar, and are in kilodays after the hatching of the Eggs of Creation as told in the first sacred scroll.

Individuals are alphabetized under their common names (without praenomen syllables); full names, when known, are given in parentheses.

After each reference, the book in which the item was first presented is indicated by a number in square brackets, and each reference is also color-coded:

 [1] for FAR-SEER
 [3] for FOREIGNER

The color scheme of purple for Far-Seer, blue for Fossil Hunter, and green for Foreigner matches the colors of the spines of the Ace paperback editions of the books:

[FAR-SEER spine]


type of tree; since it is easy to waterproof, its wood is used in sailing ships and exterior scaffolding. [1]

(7093- ) a male Quintaglio, the fifth of seven apprentices to Tak-Saleed. [1]

a Quintaglio name meaning "meaty legbone." [1]

[Far-Seer Cover Art]

Afsan (Sal-Afsan):
(7096- ) a male Quintaglio, the seventh and final apprentice to Tak-Saleed; he became known as "The One." He was hatched in Pack Carno, Arj'toolar province, the son of Pahs-Drawo. The name Afsan means "meaty thighbone." Blinded by Det-Yenalb in 7110, he later became an advisor to Emperor Dy-Dybo. [Tom Kidd's portrait of Afsan appears at right.] [1]

Afsanian revolution:
the intellectual, political, and religious upheaval following the discovery by Sal-Afsan in 7110 that the Face of God is a planet. [1]

Afsan's rock:
a particular granite boulder (technical designation: Sun/Swift-Runner/4) at Rockscape favored by Sal-Afsan. [2]

a male Quintaglio psychologist; once a promising student of Nav-Mokleb, now a professional rival. [3]

armless wingfinger-derived reptile indigenous to the south pole. [2]

the eighth and outermost planet of the Quintaglio sun, a small, rocky world whose presence was first suggested to the Quintaglios by a system map seen in the observing room atop the Jijaki space elevator. [3]

Arbiter of the Sequence:
the individual responsible for overseeing "the Sequence" — the official ordering of all information. Var-Osfik held this post during Sal-Afsan's time in Capital City. [2]

a province in northwest Land, home of Sal-Afsan, known for orange-and-blue striped shovelmouths and the contemplatives of its holy land. Provincial color: white. [1]

Quintaglio term for the Jijaki. [3]

hydrogen ramjet starships used by the Jijaki to transport plants and animals from Earth to the thirty-one destination worlds; the final ark, the Ditikali-ot, crashed into the Quintaglio moon. [2]

ankylosaur; herbivorous armored dinosaur. [1]

artifact, alien:
a Jijaki handheld computer found by Kee-Toroca at the Bookmark layer in 7126. [2]

Quintaglio term for "demon," literally meaning one who can tell lies in the light of day. This term was applied to the followers of the original five hunters who refused to accept Larsk's view of the world; the borders of the Tapestries of the Prophet show aug-ta-rot beings. [1]

Avenue of Traders:
one of Capital City's widest thoroughfares.  [2]

Baban (Ho-Baban):
a Lubalite songwriter, best known for "The Ballad of the Ten," which tells the story of Lubal's original Pack. [1]

Babnol (Wab-Babnol):
(7110- ) a female Quintaglio from Pack Vando in Arj'toolar province who joined the Geological Survey of Land in 7126. She retained her birthing horn into adulthood. [2]

banded swift:
a species of wingfinger with white fur and pale orange stripes. [3]

Bay of Three Forests:
a small bay in Jam'toolar at the westernmost tip of Land; the Dasheter landed here after its first circumnavigation of the world. [1]

beat (or heartbeat):
the shortest standard unit of time, equal to about 0.42 Earth seconds; this unit was eventually standardized by the Arbiter of the Sequence at 1/100,000 of a Quintaglio day. [1]

one of the five original hunters, symbolized by the color blue. [1]

Belbar, Cape of:
a storm-ravaged cape in Edz'toolar whose tip is the southernmost point in mainland Land. [1]

Belbar, Song of:
a song about one of the original five hunters; one of its verses says, "If beasts confront you, slay them. If the elements conspire against you, overcome. And if God should call you to heaven before you return, then heaven will be the richer for it, and those you leave behind will honor you and mourn your passing." [3]

Belkom, Plaza of:
a public square in Capital City. [2]

Big One, The:
second of the Face of God's fourteen moons, orange in color. [1]

Biltog (Mar-Biltog):
the Dasheter's longest serving mate; a short-tempered male frequently stationed in the lookout bucket, given to telling endless stories about the old days. [1]

extinct flying creatures, known only from fossils and specimens found aboard the crashed Jijaki ark. [2]

birthing horn:
located on the upper surface of the muzzle, this fluted cone is the only one of the facial horns normally associated with tyrannosaurs that Quintaglios still develop. A birthing horn is usually lost about thirty days after hatching.  [1]

tyrannosaur; the largest carnivorous dinosaur. [2]

explosive, used for clearing rocks. [2]

Bleen (Det-Bleen):
the Dasheter's bombastic male priest. [1]

halpataars, a special priest, always male, who devours seven out of every eight hatchlings in each clutch; sometimes referred to as "a disciple of Mekt," the first bloodpriest. [1]

Bogkash (Det-Bogkash):
male who succeeded Det-Yenalb as Master of the Faith; fired by Dy-Dybo in 7128. [2]

a volcanic island, westernmost member of the archipelago to the west of Land. [1]

Bookmark layer:
in a coastal cliff face on the eastern shore of southern Fra'toolar province, nine-tenths of the way up to the top of the cliff, this chalk seam marks the oldest fossils ever found, and was taken by some to indicate the point of divine creation. [2]

Book of Rites:
a standard Lubalite religious text, banned by Larsk. [1]

a Pack in Arj'toolar; Bor-Vanbelk, inventor of the small-seer, comes from there. [3]

the sixth planet of the Quintaglio sun; a ringed gas giant with sixteen moons. [1]

Cadool (Pal-Cadool):
A lanky, illiterate male butcher at the imperial palace who becomes Sal-Afsan's personal assistant. A Lubalite. Cadool means "hunter of runningbeasts," but Wab-Novato calls him "Cadly," meaning "long of leg." [1]

apprentice bloodpriest under Mek-Lastoon in Pack Tablo in Edz'toolar. [2]

Quintaglio word for "fraud." [1]

Capital City:
the city built on the site of Larsk's landfall after returning from discovering the Face of God. The largest and most populous city in all of Land. [1]

Capital province:
the easternmost province in Land. Population: 7,000. Provincial color: red. The Emperor is ex officio governor of this province. [1]

Sal-Afsan's home Pack, in Arj'toolar province; Carno roams along the northern shore of the Kreeb River. At the time Afsan left, its governor was Len-Haktood. [1]

the innermost planet of the Quintaglio sun, a small and rocky world with no moons. [1]

Cartark (Bon-Cartark):
a member of Pack Tablo in Edz'toolar. [2]

personal identifying mark; an oval shape containing symbols or glyphs. [1]

Quintaglio word for "toys." [1]

Catekt (Tol-Catekt):
a past leader of the imperial hunt. [1]

census bureau:
official repository of records, located in Capital City. [3]

a unit of time equal to one one-hundredth of a Quintaglio day; about seven minutes. [2]

a unit of linear measure equal to one one-hundredth of a pace; about one centimeter. [2]

central square:
a large open area in Capital City where Larsk had made many speeches. Afsan was blinded there, and the battle between the Lubalites and the palace loyal took place there in 7110. The arches of Dasan and the First Emperor were located there, as was Pador's famous marble statute of Larsk, but all were destroyed in the great landquake of 7110. [1]

Ch'mar volcanoes:
a range of active volcanoes to the west of Capital City. [1]

a large province in north-central Land, known for its glassworks and resort beaches. Provincial color: light green. [1]

coiled mollusk:
ammonoid; a chambered, shelled cephalopod. [1]

(7112- ) a male member of Capital Pack, creche-mate of Bos-Karshirl. [3]

communal nursery. [1]

creche, imperial:
the nursery for members of The Family. Eggshells of past Emperors are on display there. [1]

creche master/mother:
terms used for Quintaglios who work in the communal nurseries. [1]

individual surviving members of each clutch of eggs laid in the same hatching period. Quintaglios are closer to their creche-mates than to anyone else, hence the saying "creche-mates are as one." [1]

the planet Sol III (Earth), the only known world in the universe on which life arose naturally. [2]

the sacrament performed by bloodpriests, swallowing seven of every eight hatchlings. [1]

Dabo (Gar-Dabo):
an ancient female maritime explorer. [1]

territorial bloodlust. [1]

apprentice to imperial bloodpriest Mek-Maliden. [2]

a creche-mate of Wab-Novato. [3]

one of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [2]

Dancing the Night Away:
an astronomy book about the moons by Tak-Saleed. [1]

a creche-mate of Sal-Afsan. [3]

one of the five original male mates; the first healer. The sixth tenth of the kiloday is named after him. [2]

an ancient land surveyor, famed for her ability to resolve territorial disputes without bloodshed; author of the Hahat Golarda. There was an arch in her honor in the central square of Capital City. [1]

large sailing ship captained by Var-Keenir, co-opted to the Geological Survey of Land. [1]

a ceremonial dagger made from obsidian, normally used for cutting hide from an anointed kill to make copies of the sacred scrolls; one was used by Det-Yenalb to blind Sal-Afsan.  [1]

the third planet of the Quintaglio sun, a small and rocky world with two moons. [1]

the time it takes for the Quintaglio world to complete one orbit around the Face of God; eleven hours and forty-three minutes of Earth time. Days are subdivided into ten parts, called "daytenths," the first of which begins at dawn. [1]

a hard platform of wood or stone mounted at an angle on a heavy pedestal, it supports the torso and legs while the user lies on his or her chest. [1]

(7098-7128) the female apprentice governor from Kev'toolar. [2]

ten Quintaglio days, or about five Earth days. [1]

a philosophic discipline related to the organization of knowledge; one of Nov-Dynax's professions. [2]

Delplas (Bar-Delplas):
(7096- ) a female member of the Geological Survey of Land; she wears a distinctive blue and orange sash. [2]

Derrilo, Pack:
one of three Packs in Fra'toolar that periodically occupy stone buildings near the edge of the cliff exposing the Bookmark layer. [2]

"Detoon the Righteous," the first priest, one of the five original mates, mated to Mekt. [1]

Quintaglio secondary sexual characteristic. Males have a sack of skin on the front of the throat which inflates and shows red during sexual arousal; both sexes of Others have dewlaps. [1]

euphemism used for the culling of the bloodpriests.  [1]

the final Jijaki ark, which crashed into Land.  [2]

ubiquitous indigenous fauna of the south pole, a swimming, fish-eating reptile based on the wingfinger body plan; dissecting one gives Kee-Toroca his first clue about evolution.  [2]

Doblan (Pos-Doblan):
a female Quintaglio, the keeper of the maritime rookery north of Capital City, where homing wingfingers are raised. [3]

ancient philosopher, the founder of psychology. Among his observations was that "the intelligent person must abhor violence." [1]

Donat (Pal-Donat):
Pack Carno's bloodpriest. [1]

a spring-fed lake in Arj'toolar province. [1]

Dordool (Tar-Dordool):
leader of Pack Carno. [1]

sedimentary rock. [2]

Drawo (Pahs-Drawo):
( -7110) Sal-Afsan's father, a Lubalite gored to death by Det-Yenalb's hornface. [1]

(7110-7128) a male Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children, a dockworker in Capital City. He committed suicide.  [1]

Dybo (Dy-Dybo):
(7098- ) as Dybo, crown prince under Empress Len-Lends; after her death, Emperor Dy-Dybo. Hatched in Capital City. The son of the daughter of the daughter of the son of the daughter of the son of Larsk, the prophet. [1]

Dynax (Nov-Dynax):
(7110- ) a female Quintaglio healer, one of Sal-Afsan's children. She lived for a time in Chu'toolar. [1]

Edklark (Det-Edklark):
A male Quintaglio priest, appointed Master of the Faith in 7128, succeeding Det-Bogkash. [3]

the most isolated province, with a rocky, storm-swept coastline. Located in south-central Land. Provincial color: brown. Governed by Len-Ganloor until 7126; governed by Dy-Rodlox from 7126 to 7128. [1]

Egg of God:
an egg from which God herself supposedly came; never referenced by the sacred scrolls, but proposed by Spooltar in his famous discourse on theology. [3]

Eggs of Creation:
according to the first sacred scroll, the eight eggs laid by God from which all things in the universe, except the Quintaglios themselves, came. [2]

the head of Quintaglio state, always a direct descendant of the Prophet Larsk. Referred to as "Your Luminance." [1]

(7098-7128) male apprentice governor from Jam'toolar.  [2]

an even-numbered day within a kiloday. [1]

the night of an even-numbered day; sometimes called "liar's night," since most Quintaglios are awake then but it's too dark to see their muzzles. [1]

exodus project:
the effort, led by Wab-Novato, to get the Quintaglio people off their doomed world. Symbolized by a sash consisting of a lower green strip and an upper black one. [2]

Face of God:
Galat-jaroob, the fifth planet of the Quintaglio sun, a gas giant world with fourteen moons, the innermost of which is the Quintaglio world. Diameter: 60,000 kilopaces (similar to Saturn's). Mass: 236 times that of the Quintaglio world (intermediate between Jupiter and Saturn). [1]

Falpom (Irb-Falpom):
(7060-7126) the palace land surveyor who had an office near Tak-Saleed's. She was Kee-Toroca's teaching master and, from 7111 until her death, first leader of the Geological Survey of Land. [1]

Family, The:
The Royal Family, the direct descendants of the Prophet Larsk. [1]

a type of carnosaur that evolved after the transplantation from the Crucible, a quadruped with two giant teeth growing up from the lower jaw. [1]

telescope, invented by Wab-Novato of Pack Gelbo in 7105. [1]

a port south of Capital City. [3]

a butcher at the imperial palace. [2]

Fifty Packs:
"The Fifty Packs" is a general expression, referring to all the Quintaglio people. Each of the original five hunters had a Pack of ten members, and each of those ten members founded a Pack, for a total of fifty. However, many subgroups were subsequently formed, and there are now far more than Fifty Packs. [1]

first ancestor:
an oblique reference to Lubal, thought to be first-formed of the original five hunters. [1]

First Edict of Lubal:
"A Quintaglio kills with tooth and claw; only such killing makes us strong and pure." [3]

first Emperor:
term sometimes used for Larsk; the Arch of the First Emperor stands in the central square of Capital City. [1]

ichthyosaur. [1]

Forgool (Dak-Forgool):
(7095-7126) eminent geologist from Pack Vando, expert in erosion, assigned to the Geological Survey, but died of fever before taking his post; Wab-Babnol joined the Survey in his place. [2]

assistant to imperial hunt leader Lub-Galpook. [2]

a province in southwest Land where the alien ark was unearthed. Provincial color: dark blue. [1]

a type of nut, with three seeds within. [1]

the point in a game of lastoontal in which neither player can force a win. [1]

ill-fated sailing ship; blown out to sea by a storm, unable to land for dekadays. With no way to release the territorial instinct, the crew fought until everyone aboard was dead. The ship blew back to shore near the mining town of Parnood. [1]

a type of tree with pale wood. [1]

Quintaglio term meaning "the Face of God." [3]

Galpook (Lub-Galpook):
(7110- ) a female Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children. Succeeds Jal-Tetex as imperial hunt leader. [1]

Gampar (Nor-Gampar):
(7090-7110) a male mate aboard the Dasheter who went into dagamant and was killed by Sal-Afsan.  [1]

Ganloor (Len-Ganloor):
(7079-7126) female governor of Edz'toolar, sister of Len-Lends, killed in a hunting accident. She was succeeded by Dy-Rodlox. [2]

sap used to waterproof ship hulls. [1]

Garios (Den-Garios):
a member of the exodus project staff who mated with Wab-Novato in 7112, producing a daughter, Bos-Karshirl. [3]

Garsub (Jal-Garsub):
the middle-aged female hunt leader of Pack Tablo in Edz'toolar. [2]

a hunter who belongs to Pack Derrilo in Fra'toolar. [2]

Gathgol (Var-Gathgol):
Capital City's undertaker, a male who assists Sal-Afsan in investigating the murder of Afsan's daughter, Haldan. [2]

the seventh planet of the Quintaglio sun, small and rocky. [1]

Wab-Novato's home Pack, in western Jam'toolar. [1]

Geological Survey of Land:
project to provide a complete inventory of natural resources that might be of use to the exodus. Proposed by Wab-Novato, authorized in 7111 by Dy-Dybo, and directed first by Irb-Falpom and later by Kee-Toroca. [2]

"Gerthalk the Miracle Worker," an ancient healer. [1]

beetle larva capable of bioluminescence. [1]

Quintaglio written character; "stone-glyphs" are an ancient writing form. When a word is to be emphasized, its constituent glyphs are written facing to the left rather than the right. [1]

the deity of the Quintaglio people, personified as a giant armless female Quintaglio. [1]

light visible on the horizon before one actually sights the Face of God. [1]

God's eyes:
shadows cast on the Face of God's cloud tops by its coterie of moons. [1]

Sal-Afsan's large pet monitor lizard. [2]

government, Quintaglio:
the Emperor or Empress is the head of state and governor of Capital province; each of the seven other provinces has its own governor. The principal branches of Quintaglio government are the church, civil works, the exodus, interprovincial trade, the judiciary, portents and omens, and tithing. [1]

Gray Orb:
one of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [2]

(7057- ) an elderly female member of the Geological Survey of Land. [2]

the succulent fruit of a low-growing plant. [1]

one of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [2]

guards, imperial:
security officers charged with protecting members of The Family. [1]

guvdok stone:
torus-shaped stone carved with one's professional credentials and award citations. [1]

Hadzig (Irb-Hadzig):
a member of the Dasheter crew, swallowed by Kal-ta-goot. [1]

hahat dan:
standard abbreviation of the Quintaglio phrase "hahator pas da dan," meaning "permission to enter my territory is granted." [1]

Hahat Golarda:
an ancient scroll written by Dasan that apportioned provincial territories. [3]

Haktood (Len-Haktood):
(7080- ) the governor of Arj'toolar at the time Sal-Afsan left there. [1]

a tree whose leaves are used for medicinal purposes. [1]

(7110-7126) a female Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children. She was a naturalist who studied animal populations. Murdered. [1]

Hall of Stone Eggs:
a corridor in the old palace in Capital City lined with cut geodes. [1]

Hall of Worship:
a Quintaglio church. Major services are held every fifth even-day. On odd-days, daytenths are marked by the appropriate number of drumrolls; on even-days, by the appropriate number of bells. [1]

Quintaglio term meaning "bloodpriest." [1]

a port city in Fra'toolar province near the Jam'toolar border. [1]

a liquid used to clean lenses; deadly poison (symbolized by a drop shape with the outline of an animal lying on its side); Drawtood commits suicide by drinking this. [2]

a male, third of seven apprentices to Tak-Saleed. [1]

a type of tree, its leaves are the favorite fodder of thunderbeasts. [1]

a philosophic discipline concerned with morals and ethics; one of Nov-Dynax's professions. [2]

Hapurd (Bal-Hapurd):
an old member of the palace staff. [1]

Harnal (Pas-Harnal):
a metallurgist who lives in Capital City.  [2]

(7110-7110) a male Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children; he died of fever shortly after hatching. [1]

a plant producing yellow melons that thunderbeasts like to eat. [3]

a past imperial hunt leader. [1]

Honlab (Len-Honlab):
the stubborn governor of Chu'toolar. [3]

one of the original five hunters, patron of butchers. Associated with the color yellow. [1]

Hoont'mar mountain chain:
a chain of mountains on the border between Chu'toolar and Mar'toolar. [3]

Horbo, Pack:
one of three Packs in Fra'toolar that periodically occupy stone buildings near the edge of the cliff exposing the Bookmark layer. [2]

ceratopsian dinosaur; herbivorous. Often domesticated and used in caravans. "Triple hornface" refers to the genus Triceratops. [1]

hornface, bossnosed:
pachyrhinosaur ceratopsian dinosaur; herbivorous. [1]

Howlee, Tower of:
a mythical tower to the stars, twenty-five kilopaces tall, with a base fifty paces wide, told of in the fiftieth sacred scroll. [3]

a constellation named in honor of Lubal; during the Larskian era, it was known as the Prophet in honor of Larsk. [1]

Hunter's Shrine:
a structure made of the bones of previous hunt leaders built atop a giant rock pile near Capital City. According to legend, each of the original five hunters had brought one stone to this pile for every successful kill throughout their lives. [1]

hunting spirit:
a Lubalite term for "soul." [1]

hunt leader:
leader of a Pack's hunting parties; almost always a female who is in perpetual heat. [1]

imperial jack:
a breed of wingfinger, flocks of which fly in a distinctive three-pronged formation. [3]

Inlee (Vek-Inlee):
an ancient female maritime explorer. She was the first to sight the north polar cap, but mistook it for the icy shore of the River. [1]

one of the five Quintaglio gliders used in the battle against the Others. [3]

one of the five Quintaglio gliders used in the battle against the Others. [3]

a province in northwest Land. Provincial color: gold. [1]

an Other who teaches Kee-Toroca their language. [3]

a type of tree with branches that trail into the wind. [1]

(7112- ) a member of Capital Pack, creche-mate of Bos-Karshirl. [3]

(plural, Jijaki) extinct beings evolved from transplanted Opabinia, with six legs, five phosphorescent eyes each on a short stalk, plus a long flexible trunk ending in a pair of cup shaped manipulators. The first intelligent form to emerge in this universe, used by The Watcher to transplant life from the Crucible. [2]

Jodor (Fas-Jodor):
(7079- ) the hunt leader of Pack Derrilo.  [2]

one of the five original male mates; the first crafter, mated to Katoon. [2]

Jostark's Day:
a holiday, celebrated with a parade, in honor of craftspeople. [2]

a famous musician who was a creche-mate of Sal-Afsan.  [3]

Julor (Cat-Julor):
a creche mother from Pack Carno who knew Sal-Afsan. [1]

a type of tree; its wood is used in fires because of its even flames and slow consumption. [1]

Kaden (Lub-Kaden):
female, a hunt leader from Pack Gelbo. She was deceased by 7131. [1]

a traditional call to the hunt. [2]

a giant plesiosaur (aquatic reptile) that twice did battle with the Dasheter. The first time, in 7109, it chomped off Captain Var-Keenir's tail; the second time, in 7110, it was slain by Sal-Afsan. [1]

Karshirl (Bos-Karshirl):
(7112-7131) a female structural engineer from Capital City, assigned to the exodus project; daughter of Wab-Novato and Den-Garios, she was killed in a landquake. [3]

katadu bench:
bench on either side of the throne slab, used by imperial advisors. [1]

Katood (Dath-Katood):
an old male mate aboard the Dasheter.  [1]

one of the original five hunters. Associated with the color green. [1]

Katoon, Skull of:
a constellation. [1]

a creche-mate of Sal-Afsan. [3]

Keenir (Var-Keenir):
(7047- ) captain of the Dasheter and influential Lubalite, he was a creche-mate of Tak-Saleed. [1]

a type of tree with golden wood. [1]

ancient male philosopher, known for the dictum "Nothing is anything unless it is something." Also coined the saying "Time crawls for a child, walks for an adolescent, and runs for an adult," and wrote a famous polemic on battles in which he observed that the most important thing you can have on your side is being right in the eyes of God. [1]

Kelboon (Af-Kelboon):
(7110- ) a male Quintaglio mathematician, one of Sal-Afsan's children. [1]

an old Quintaglio word for "bright." [3]

one of the original Fifty Packs. [3]

the fourth planet of the Quintaglio sun, a ringed gas giant. [1]

a province in southeast Land. Provincial color: light blue. [1]

Jijaki term for the super-strong blue building material developed for their interstellar ramjets. [2]

Kijititatak Gikta:
a Jijaki children's television program, featuring an animated character named Tilk. [2]

one thousand Quintaglio days (about one and a third Earth years). [1]

one thousand paces (about one kilometer). [1]

"Klimsan the Scaly" (Sar-Klimsan), a previous imperial hunt leader; also "the smooth-skinned Klimsan," another previous imperial hunt leader. [1]

Kreeb River:
a meandering river that forms part of the border between Arj'toolar and Fra'toolar; Pack Carno roams along its north shore. [1]

(7098-7128) female apprentice governor from Arj'toolar.  [2]

kurpa leather:
fine leather taken from wingfinger bodies. [1]

a wingfinger-derived reptile indigenous to the south pole with elongated fourth fingers that it uses for spearing fish. [2]

name given to the single continent of the Quintaglio home world, roughly oval in shape, measuring some 3,000 kilopaces from the harbor of Capital City to the westernmost tip of mainland Fra'toolar and 1,200 kilopaces from its northern edge to the Cape of Belbar in the south. [1]

earthquake. [1]

Landquake, Great:
the larger of two landquakes to rock Capital City in kiloday 7110. [1]

language, Other:
in the language of the Others, successive degrees are shown by repetition. The introduction of the syllable "na" into the middle of a word signifies negation. Among the words Kee-Toroca learns are de-kat (fine), eb (plus), ga-san (sailing ship), gan-noth (explain), glees (interrogative for "how righteous is this?"), hak-al (bullet), hoos-ta (good), hoos-na-ta (bad), jar-dik (threat), joth-shal (trick), kas-tak (discharge a weapon), lees-tash (blind), lesh (face), rak-sa (father), sas (your), sek-tab (correct), sek-na-tab (incorrect), sil-don-kes-la (rowboat), tar (is), thash-rath (an epithet), and the numbers bal (one), lod (two), ker (three), and farg-sol (twelve).  [3]

language, Quintaglio:
related nouns usually end in the same suffix, for example: -aja (most types of wood), -'mar (mountain chain), -o (Pack), -pel (planet), -staynt (type of building), -ter (proper name for a sailing ship), -tok (small town), -'toolar (province). [1]

Laree (Dee-Laree):
the officer in charge of palace accounts under Dy-Dybo. [3]

A sailor who came to be known as The Prophet. In kiloday 6959, he was the first Quintaglio to sight the Face of God. He returned to Land at what later became Capital City and established a religion and a dynasty based on worship of the Face. [1]

Lastoon (Mek-Lastoon):
( -7126) the bloodpriest of Pack Tablo in Edz'toolar. [2]

a strategic board game. [1]

Quintaglio term equivalent to "giddyup." [1]

Lee (Len-Lee):
the governor of Kev'toolar. [3]

Lends (Len-Lends):
(7079-7110) Empress, the mother of Dy-Dybo; she was killed when a roof collapsed on her in the small landquake of 7110. [1]

liar's night:
even-night. [2]

liar's tint:
a reference to the color blue. [1]

name given to the cabs traveling up and down the Jijaki tower. [3]

limpid floater:
jellyfish. [3]

Lirpan (Nom-Lirpan):
a senior palace advisor in Dy-Dybo's administration, in charge of provincial relations. [2]

a female, second of seven apprentices to Tak-Saleed. [3]

a Pack in southern Mar'toolar; Nav-Mokleb hatched there.  [3]

largest of the original five hunters. Associated with the color red. She was gored by a hornface. As she lay dying, she prophesied the coming of The One. [1]

Lubal, Temple of:
an ancient temple in Capital province, located on the west side of the Ch'mar volcanoes; known for the Spires of the Original Five. It was mostly buried by lava in the eruptions of 7110. [1]

an adherent of the Hunter's religion, a worshiper of the original five hunters following the precepts outlined in the Edicts of Lubal. [1]

one of five Quintaglio gliders used in the battle against the Others. [3]

a type of sacred tree, the wood of which is used for the floors of Halls of Worship. [1]

Madool (Cat-Madool):
a member of Pack Tablo in Edz'toolar. [2]

makaloob root:
holding one of these roots in the mouth can quell nausea. [1]

Maliden (Mek-Maliden):
(7047-7128) a male Quintaglio who served as imperial bloodpriest until his death. [2]

maritime rookery:
a breeding facility for homing wingfingers situated north of Capital City and run by Pos-Doblan. [3]

Lubal's hornface riding mount; also a constellation depicting same. [3]

an almost completely landlocked province in central Land, known for its great plains. The only place on Land where agriculture is practiced extensively. Provincial color: pink. [1]

Master of the Faith:
the High Priest and spiritual advisor to the Emperor or Empress; presides over Capital City's Hall of Worship. During Afsan's lifetime, the Masters of the Faith were Det-Yenalb (up to 7110), Det-Bogkash (from 7110 to 7128), and Det-Edklark (beginning in 7128). [1]

one of the original five hunters; she was the first bloodpriest until she repudiated the job as inappropriate for a layer of eggs. Associated with the color purple. [1]

Mekt, Cape of:
in southern Fra'toolar, near the site of the space ark. [2]

Mokleb (Nav-Mokleb):
developer of "the talking cure"; a female psychologist from Pack Loodo in Mar'toolar who treats Sal-Afsan.  [3]

Mondark (Dar-Mondark):
the palace healer. He treated Sal-Afsan in 7109 after Afsan had felled a great thunderbeast and again in 7130 when Afsan's head was kicked by a hornface. [1]

the Face of God has fourteen natural satellites orbiting around it, including the Quintaglio world (the innermost moon), Big One (second closest to the Face), Sprinter, Swift Runner, Dancer, Gray Orb, the Guardian, and Slowpoke (the outermost moon). [1]

( -7131) the chief of security for the Others. [3]

the sailing ship that in 7110 transported Dy-Dybo from Jam'toolar to Capital City to take the throne. [1]

(7098-7128) male, the apprentice governor of Mar'toolar. [2]

a Quintaglio who travels from Pack to Pack on a runningbeast, bringing news. [1]

nictitating membrane:
the semi-transparent inner Quintaglio eyelid. [1]

Noltark (Pal-Noltark):
a male painter whose book The Wingfingers of Land supposedly contains a painting of every species of wingfinger. [3] [Cover Art]

Novato (Wab-Novato):
(7094- ) a female Quintaglio from Pack Gelbo who invented the far-seer in 7105 and became leader of the exodus project in 7110. [Bob Eggleton's portrait of Novato appears at right] [1]

Nunard rift:
part of the subduction zone between the two tectonic plates that form the continent of Land; an old royal marble quarry, known for pristine white stone, was located near it, but was closed after a series of landquakes. [1]

an odd-numbered day within a kiloday. [1]

the night of an odd-numbered day; most Quintaglios sleep on odd-nights. [1]

One, The:
prophesied by Lubal, a male Quintaglio who would be the greatest hunter of all time. The name "The One" is sometimes applied to Sal-Afsan. [1]

Orange Wingfinger:
an inn near Capital City's docks, favored by discerning mariners. [1]

original five hunters:
Lubal, Mekt, Katoon, Hoog, and Belbar; according to the first sacred scroll, these five females were created from the fingers of the severed left hand of God. [1]

original five mates:
Varkev, the first explorer; Dargo, the original healer; Takood, the first scholar; Jostark, the craftsperson before all others; and Detoon the Righteous, the first priest. According to the first sacred scroll, these five males were created from the fingers of the severed right hand of God. [2]

Oro (Pod-Oro):
(7067-7128) male; aide to Governor Dy-Rodlox of Edz'toolar, killed by Sal-Afsan in the mass dagamant of 7128.  [2]

Osbkay volcano:
a volcano near Pack Gelbo. [1]

Osfik (Var-Osfik):
a female Quintaglio holding the post of Arbiter of the Sequence. [2]

a species of carnosaur closely related to Quintaglios but smaller in stature and with yellow skin and eyes, living on an archipelago north of the equator on the nearside hemisphere of the Quintaglio moon. [3]

a port town in Fra'toolar. [2]

standard Quintaglio unit of linear measure, used for both length and height. Approximately equal to one meter. [1]

the principal Quintaglio social group. Also pack, a hunting party. [1]

the sculptor who made the statue of Larsk in the central square of Capital City. [1]

Pakta tannery:
a large facility for tanning hides located near Yabool's home in Capital City. [2]

a mate aboard the Dasheter. [1]

Palsab (Gerth-Palsab):
a pious, illiterate female citizen of Capital City who engages Sal-Afsan in an argument about his worldview. [1]

a coastal mining town; the ill-fated sailing ship Galadoreter was blown back to shore near it. [1]

Passalat sandstones:
the finest grained sandstones in all of Land, known for their magnificent fossils (including bird fossils). [2]

the second planet of the Quintaglio sun, small and rocky. [1]

a young male Quintaglio nurse working at the imperial surgery. [1]

Sal-Afsan's female apprentice. [3]

airborne chemicals secreted by Quintaglios that elicit behavioral responses in other members of that race. [1]

ritual retracing of Larsk's ocean voyage of kiloday 6959 in which he first sighted the Face of God. A Quintaglio must be at least ten kilodays old to take the pilgrimage; a pilgrimage ship holds station beneath the Face for ten even-days and ten odd-days, during which thirty-seven penances are performed and the nine sacred scrolls devoted to Larsk's journey are studied. [1]

Pilgrimage Guild:
founded by Larsk, an organization certifying sailors to perform pilgrimages; all mariners of note belong to it. [1]

Pironto (Dem-Pironto):
a deceased imperial hunt leader, gored by a triple hornface; succeeded by Jal-Tetex. [1]

a type of plant thunderbeasts like to eat. [3]

the planets of the Quintaglio sun, in order out from it, are Carpel, Patpel, Davpel (all rocky worlds), Kevpel (a ringed gas giant), the Face of God (a gas giant), Bripel (another ringed gas giant), and the rocky worlds of Gefpel and Apripel.  [1]

Polemic on Battles:
a famous writing by Keladax; it says that the most important thing you can have on your side is being right in the eyes of God. [3]

individual in charge of palace protocol. [3]

Pradak (Gan-Pradak):
the chief palace engineer. [2]

praenomen syllable:
a component of an adult Quintaglio's name; a prefix chosen by the bearer upon completing the rites of passage. It is usually the first syllable of the name of the individual's patron or of an admired historical figure. Examples include Det-, a common praenomen for priests, derived from Detoon the Righteous, and Mek-, frequently chosen by bloodpriests, in honor of Mekt. Sal-Afsan's praenomen is in honor of Tak-Saleed, his teaching master; Saleed's commemorates Takood, the first scholar; Var-Keenir's is in honor of Varkev, the first explorer; and Kee-Toroca's is in honor of Keenir himself. Provincial governors always take a praenomen in honor of the current Emperor or Empress (as in Len-Haktood and Dy-Rodlox), whereas the head of state always takes a praenomen in honor of himself or herself (as in Len-Lends and Dy-Dybo). [1]

funereal site a half-day's march southwest of Capital City; a basalt field where bodies are laid out for predators to claim. [2]

prayer neckband:
a leather band worn during prayer by those who haven't yet received the two tattoos marking completion of the rites of passage. [1]

name given to Larsk; also, for a time, the constellation of the Hunter was renamed this in honor of him. [1]

the provinces of Land, as apportioned by the Hahat Golarda, are Jam'toolar, Fra'toolar, Arj'toolar, Chu'toolar, Mar'toolar, Edz'toolar, Kev'toolar, and Capital. [1]

a hunter who was killed by a slap from a thunderbeast's tail during Sal-Afsan's first hunt. [1]

Quebelmo, Pack:
one of three Packs in Fra'toolar that periodically occupy stone buildings near the edge of the cliff exposing the Bookmark layer. [2]

Quelban (Len-Quelban):
(7080- ) the governor of Fra'toolar.  [1]

( -7131) the female pilot of the rebuilt glider Tak-Saleed. [3]

an intelligent species of tyrannosaur, derived from the Earth genus Nanotyrannus; the name means "The People of Land." [1]

Quintaglio world:
the twenty-seventh world seeded by The Watcher. A tectonically active globe mostly covered by a single ocean, it has one large continent and two polar ice caps. Originally the third of fourteen moons of the Face of God, chaotic orbital dynamics made it the innermost moon. Mass: approximately the same as Earth's. Diameter: 12,000 kilopaces. By the time of the Afsanian revolution, its center orbits at a mean distance of 162,600 kilopaces from the center of the Face of God (2.71 times the Face's radius). [1]

a type of tree. [1]

a delicacy from Chu'toolar province, consisting of shovelmouth eyes dipped in the rich, sugary sap of a raladaja tree. [1]

Reegree (Ter-Reegree):
Dy-Dybo's father (deceased). [1]

Reestee (Gar-Reestee):
a male charioteer in Capital City whose hornface accidentally kicks Sal-Afsan in the head. [3]

Regbo (Dar-Regbo):
a Lubalite hunter who participates in the battle with the palace loyal in 7110. [1]

(7112- ) a female member of Capital Pack, creche-mate of Bos-Karshirl. [3]

Rewdan and the Vine:
a children's story from Mar'toolar. Rewdan planted some magic seeds and from them a vine grew up into the sky. Rewdan climbed the vine and was attacked by a giant blackdeath living at the top, but he managed to escape with a wingfinger that laid eggs of gold. [3]

a female, fourth of seven apprentices to Tak-Saleed. [3]

ancient name for the vast, world-spanning ocean covering almost all of the Quintaglio world. [1]

clothing worn by priests and, on ceremonial occasions, by the Emperor. Until the Afsanian revolution, normal priests wore banded ones imitative of the Face of God's clouds; junior priests wore red and black ones; bloodpriests wore purple ones. After the revolution, all priests wear simple white robes, except for bloodpriests, who continue to wear purple. [1]

just north of Capital City, ninety-four granite boulders arranged in geometric shapes; the oldest known evidence of a Quintaglio settlement. [2]

Rodlox (Dy-Rodlox):
(7098-7128) male governor from Edz'toolar who challenged Dy-Dybo for the Emperorship. [2]

royal marble quarry:
near the Nunard rift, famed for its pristine white stones; closed after a series of landquakes. [1]

stocky ornithomimid dinosaur with a round body, stiff tail, legs built for great strides, long neck, tiny head, and giant eyes. Several species exist; the fastest can run at speeds up to sixty-five kilopaces per daytenth, and can carry a single Quintaglio rider. [1]

sacred scroll, 1st:
written two thousand kilodays ago, it tells of the origin of the world. [2]

sacred scroll, 4th:
tells of Mekt killing an armorback. [3]

sacred scroll, 11th:
talks about working together to rebuild, and says that God sends landquakes not out of spite or anger, but to give Quintaglios a reason to hold their instincts at bay and cooperate. [1]

sacred scroll, 17th:
discusses Mekt's repudiation of being a bloodpriest and the establishment of the all-male bloodpriest order. [3].

sacred scroll, 18th:
forbids discussion of dispatched hatchlings and declares that "children are the children of the Pack." [2]

sacred scroll, 23rd:
also called the Scroll of the Hunt, it defines the hunt as the ritual through which emotions of hate and violence are purged; the endeavor through which Quintaglios gain self-sufficiency; the activity that brings them together in camaraderie and cooperation. It implies that in heaven Quintaglios will no longer feel territoriality. This scroll also forbids the killing of animals that will not be eaten, as well as the use of weapons in hunting, saying, "That which is at hand is there by the grace of God; use it if need be, but take not a weapon with you on the hunt, for that is the coward's way." [1]

sacred scroll, 50th:
tells the story of the Tower of Howlee. [3]

sacred scroll, 111th:
declares "for there is grace in all Quintaglios, but none more so than the skilled hunter." [1]

Sacred Scroll of the Hunt:
another name for the twenty-third sacred scroll. [1]

Sacred Scrolls of Jostark:
a series of scrolls setting out the religious rituals devoted to various crafts. [3]

Sacred Scrolls of the Prophet:
the final nine sacred scrolls, describing the life of Larsk. [1]

a type of tree. [2]

Saleed (Tak-Saleed):
(7047-7110) male court astrologer under Emperor Len-Lends; Sal-Afsan's teaching master; a creche-mate of Var-Keenir. Author of Dancing the Night Away and the eighteen volumes of the Treatise on the Planets. [1]

Sardon (Sar-Sardon):
Quintaglio Empress prior to Len-Lends; Dy-Dybo's grandmother. She visited Pack Carno briefly on 7096/6/19. [1]

the only clothing normally worn by a Quintaglio, often adorned by insignia indicating one's profession. Blood-red sashes are reserved for members of The Family; gray for master mariners; the combination of orange and blue for imperial staff; and green and black for members of the exodus project. Prior to the Afsanian revolution, senior priests, when not wearing robes, wore sashes with swirling, colorful patterns imitative of the cloud banks on the Face of God. [1]

a wingfinger-derived reptile indigenous to the south pole that shoots across the ice on its belly, kicking its powerful hind feet for propulsion. [2]

Seenuk (Mar-Seenuk):
one of the hunters comprising Belbar's original Pack of ten; founded the Pack that Carno is descended from. [1]

a Quintaglio term for "five." [1]

the order of knowledge; since the Quintaglios don't have an alphabet, they have no concept of alphabetical order; all knowledge instead is organized into this linear progression. The Arbiter of the Sequence is responsible for determining the order.  [1]

Serkob (Rej-Serkob):
from Pack Carno, an individual Sal-Afsan thought might have been his father. [1]

Shanpin foothills:
an inhospitable land of scorched ground and basalt. [2]

a wingfinger-derived reptile indigenous to the south pole; tall and thin, shawls wrap themselves in their thick rubbery wings to keep warm. [2]

ship's call:
a distinctive pattern of drumbeats and bells used to identify a ship; when a ship is at rest at sea, the part of its call normally done by drumbeats is done with bells, and vice versa. [1]

Shoveler's Inlet:
a passage leading inland on the border between Fra'toolar and Mar'toolar, at the north end of the Bay of Vatastor. [3]

duckbilled dinosaur (hadrosaur), herbivorous and docile. Despite having stringy meat, they are a staple of the Quintaglio diet. [1]

sinner's doorway:
portal in a Hall of Worship, outlined by a black basalt arch, set perpendicular to the channel of holy water. Through here, penitents enter and perform the sinner's march. [1]

sinner's march:
ritual walk through holy water in a Hall of Worship. [1]

a wingfinger-derived gliding reptile indigenous to the south pole. [2]

Skull of Katoon:
a constellation on the ecliptic. [1]

the outermost of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [1]

microscope, invented by Bor-Vanbelk of Pack Brampto in Arj'toolar. [3]

one of the five Quintaglio gliders used in the battle against the Others. [3]

south pole:
southern ice pack; Kee-Toroca led an expedition there in 7127. [2]

Spalton (Gan-Spalton):
(7197- ) a male member of the Geological Survey of Land, known for his sly sense of humor. [2]

(7098- ) female apprentice governor from Chu'toolar, and, later, a worker in the new creche in Capital City. [2]

styracosaur ceratopsian; a herbivorous dinosaur. [1]

Spires of the Original Five:
at the Temple of Lubal west of Capital City, five giant stone columns representing the upward-stretched fingers of the hand of God from which the original five hunters were formed. [2]

ancient female religious philosopher who said, "A true belief is stronger than the mightiest hunter, for nothing can bring it down." She proposed the existence of an Egg of God. [1]

one of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [1]

a small sailboat used by Sal-Afsan and Kee-Toroca on their peace mission to the Others. [3]

Stark (Kad-Stark):
a deceased imperial hunt leader. [1]

common plant with orange flowers. [3]

giant reptile indigenous to the south pole, derived from wingfinger stock. [2]

technical designation for Sal-Afsan's rock at Rockscape. [2]

theory developed by Irb-Falpom stating that the lower rocks in a sedimentary sequence are the older ones. [2]

Swift Runner:
one of the Face of God's fourteen moons. [1]

Tablo, Pack:
a Pack on the outskirts of Edz'toolar. [2]

Tagleeb (Gat-Tagleeb):
fantasist; a contemporary of Sal-Afsan.  [1]

one of the five original male mates; the first scholar.  [2]

the first Quintaglio glider, originally dubbed "Novato's folly." First flown in 7128; rebuilt and used again in the battle against the Others in 7131. [2]

(7131- ) a male Other child, adopted by Kee-Toroca.  [3]

talking cure:
a psychological therapy technique resembling psychoanalysis developed by Nav-Mokleb. [3]

Tapestries of the Prophet:
famous paintings on leather by Hel-Vleetnav that depict Larsk's voyage; they are kept behind sheets of thin glass in the basement of the palace office building in Capital City. [1]

Tardlo (Bog-Tardlo):
a mate aboard the Dasheter. [1]

a female, first of seven apprentices to Tak-Saleed. [3]

tattoo of the hunt:
a purple-black tattoo located above the left earhole, received upon successful completion of one's first hunt.  [1]

tattoo of the pilgrimage:
a tattoo received upon completion of one's first pilgrimage. [1]

Teevio (Pog-Teevio):
Sal-Afsan's predecessor as Tak-Saleed's apprentice. From Chu'toolar, he lasted only thirty days before he was sent back home. [1]

a type of tree with red wood. [1]

Tendron (Hoo-Tendron):
a merchant in Pack Vando, dealing in gemstones and fossils; Wab-Babnol's teaching master. [2]

Terdog (Tep-Terdog):
an old member of Pack Carno, no relation to Sal-Afsan. [1]

a Deinonychus-like carnivorous dinosaur that hunts in packs. [1]

Tetex (Jal-Tetex):
imperial hunt leader at the time Sal-Afsan took his first hunt; a Lubalite. She eventually died during a hunt and was succeeded by Lub-Galpook. [1]

sauropod; giant herbivorous dinosaur. Their oil is often burned in lamps. [1]

an animated character on the Jijaki children's television program Kijititatak Gikta. [2]

Tipna (Tol-Tipna):
a deceased imperial hunt leader. [1] [Cover Art]

Toroca (Kee-Toroca):
(7110- ) a male Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children. Toroca became leader of the Geological Survey of Land at the age of sixteen kilodays. He lacks the instinct for territoriality. In kiloday 7128, he was named putative head of the bloodpriests, following the death of Mek-Maliden. [Bob Eggleton's portrait of Toroca appears at right] [1]

Toron (Val-Toron):
a hunter from Pack Gelbo who loaned Dy-Dybo her mount. [1]

space elevator extending from equatorial Fra'toolar to the L3 point, 13,000 kilopaces above the Quintaglio moon, built in 7130 by Jijaki nanotechnology. [3]

a member of the Geological Survey of Land who wears a blue sash. [2]

traveler's crystal:
a six-sided deep red crystal that serves as a good-luck charm for travelers. [1]

Treatise on the Planets:
a scholarly work in eighteen volumes (three per planet); the most famous work by Tak-Saleed. [1]

a saw used for amputations. [1]

igneous rock. [2]

Vanbelk (Bor-Vanbelk):
inventor of the small-seer. [3]

Vando, Pack:
a Pack in Arj'toolar, home of Wab-Babnol. [2]

one of the five original male mates; the first explorer.  [2]

Vatastor, Bay of:
the large bay between the capes of Mekt and Belbar; the cliffs exposing the Bookmark layer are on its western shore. [2]

Vleetnav (Hel-Vleetnav):
ancient artist who painted the Tapestries of the Prophet. [1]

vocational exams:
administered at the age of ten or eleven; used to determine the profession one will be assigned. [1]

Voyage of Larsk, The:
a ballad telling of Larsk's discovery of the Face of God. [1]

Watcher, The:
a god-like entity whose consciousness has survived from the previous cycle of creation; responsible for seeding lifeforms from Earth around the galaxy. [2]

water serpent:
plesiosaur. [1]

seaweed. [2]

(7098-7128) the female apprentice governor from Fra'toolar. [2]

pterosaur; flying carnivorous reptile. [1]

Wingfingers of Land, The:
a book of paintings by Pal-Noltark.  [3]

a junior palace page. [2]

writing leather:
although the Quintaglios have paper, it is rare; thin sheets of leather are more commonly used for writing. [1]

(7110-7126) a male Quintaglio, one of Sal-Afsan's children; a mathematician and naturalist. Murdered. [1]

the time it takes for the Face of God to complete one orbit around its sun; between 18,310 and 18,335 Quintaglio days. A Quintaglio female becomes sexually receptive at the end of each year of life. [2]

Yenalb (Det-Yenalb):
(7067-7110) Master of the Faith; he blinded Sal-Afsan using a dat-kar-mas. He was killed during the skirmish between the palace loyal and the Lubalites. [1]

Zamar (Det-Zamar):
one of Pack Carno's senior priests. [1]


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