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Quotes from
Writing Conferences and Workshops

Robert J. Sawyer has spoken at writing conferences, judged writing contests, and run writing workshops.

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"Thank you so very much for your wonderful work at the Writers' Workshop. It was great to have you aboard and your classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions received outstanding feedback from the students. Your energy, spirit and generosity of mind did much to bring a positive and creative atmosphere to the workshop. Thanks for joining us."

— Dr. Bruce Meyer
Director, Creative Writing Program
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you very much for coming to Banff and enhancing the Writing with Style program. You were/are wonderful. As you could tell, your group loved you. By now they have probably moved in with you. It was a great pleasure to meet you and to have a chance to talk to you. It won't be my program next year but I'll strongly endorse your return."

— Rachel Wyatt
"Writing with Style" Workshop Director
Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

"To me falls the very great privilege to convey to you our expressions of sincerest gratitude for your generous participation in our annual conference. Your early acceptance permitted us to circulate publicity with your prominent name right from the start. Your excellent, right-on keynote address set the upbeat tone for the whole conference. Your presence and active participation all through the conference was very much appreciated by everybody. Thank you very, very much."

— Walter P. Mittler
Canadian Authors Association 76th Annual Conference

"Your popularity and acclaim have been crucial to our publicity and programming; as our country's articulate SF ambassador, you've been a perfect guest for this 'hybrid' academic/populist symposium."

— Dr. Randy Schroeder and Dr. Sabina Reed
Department of English
Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta

"Eloquent, inspiring and hilarious! Rob Sawyer is quite simply the best speaker on writing I have ever heard."

— Geo F. Takach
Writers Guild of Alberta

"It was such a treat to meet you and work with you on the 2006 conference. I've been reading through the evaluation forms, and thought that you might like to hear some of the feedback from conference-goers:
  • "The personal highlight of the conference for me was Robert J. Sawyer's keynote."
  • "The personal highlight for me were all of Robert Sawyer's presentations."
  • "Terrific keynote." (This was mentioned several times.)
  • "Robert Sawyer was excellent, inspirational."
  • "Highlight was Robert Sawyer's Science fiction workshop."
  • "Meeting Robert J. Sawyer."
  • "Robert Sawyer was by far the best!"
  • "Highlight was talking to Robert Sawyer."
  • "Robert Sawyer is a good teacher as well as writer. His seminar stood out."
  • "Robert Sawyer — no doubt at all, he's a star. I learned things about subjects I thought I knew all about."

— Lisa Mason
Surrey International Writers' Conference
Surrey, British Columbia

"The effort and thought you put into the story critiques both in preparing for and conducting the workshop was remarkable. I speak for all ten participants when I say your comments were both insightful and helpful. As well, we all appreciated the professional approach you took to running the workshop, while, at the same time, sustaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Many of the participants have expressed to me the sense of encouragement they felt at the end of the workshop. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others planning a writing workshop."

Hayden Trenholm
Workshop Coordinator
Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, Calgary, Alberta

[Note: IFWA has been holding annual workshops since 1996, with Robert J. Sawyer facilitating the very first one. In all the time since, he is the only person ever asked to return to facilitate a second workshop for them, which he did in 2003 — and he was asked back yet again in 2009, facilitating a totally unprecedented third workshop for them.]

"Thank you very much for being a part of Odyssey this year. Your lectures were fascinating to listen to: focused, energetic, and filled with insights. And the students really appreciated your feedback on their manuscripts and the individual attention and advice you gave them. Many commented how much they enjoyed the time you spent with them outside of class and how much they learned from you.

"Your passion for teaching and your skill at teaching were very apparent. Thank you for all the time and energy you devoted to the class. It was a pleasure having you at Odyssey; thanks for helping to make the workshop a great success."

Jeanne Cavelos
Odyssey: The Fantasy Writing Workshop

"The feedback on your seminar has been 100% excellent. As the organizer, it was a pleasure to work with you. You were always thoroughly attentive and well organized."

— Diane Whitehouse
Seminars Director
Canadian Authors Association

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