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Research Bibliography

The Terminal Experiment Bibliography

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Any good hard SF novel requires a lot of research. For those who might be interested, below is a partial list of 125 magazine and journal articles I read as research for my Nebula Award winning novel The Terminal Experiment; I consulted many more articles, as well as dozens of books, plus experts in various fields, but this should give you some idea of just how much research goes into writing a book.


"A time to die; immortality is a bad thing; there are nobler aims for medicine." (editorial)

The Economist, August 5, 1989 v312 n7614 p17(1)


"Brain teaser: artificial intelligence."

The Economist, August 17, 1991 v320 n7720 p62(2)


"Child's play." (artificial intelligence)

The Economist, January 12, 1991 v318 n7689 p80(2)


"Gov. Casey's life saved by heart, liver of black man beaten to death by gang." (organ transplant operation of Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey) (Brief Article)

Jet, July 5, 1993 v84 n10 p36(1)


"Heartless." (organ transplants in Japan)

The Economist, February 18, 1989 v310 n7590 p92(2)


"Heaven can wait, but for how long?" (life expectancy and longevity)

U.S. News & World Report, August 7, 1989 v107 n6 p9(2)


"Insect power." (building robots the size of gnats)

The Economist, October 27, 1990 v317 n7678 p92(1)


"Lots of theories, but not shortcuts." (Diets Designed to Prevent Disease)

U.S. News & World Report, February 15, 1988 v104 n6 p74(4)


"Neural-network computers."

The Futurist, September-October 1989 v23 n5 p56(1)


"Or maybe not." (artificial intelligence)

The Economist, January 27, 1990 v314 n7639 p89(1)


"Organ transplants: parts wanted."

The Economist, January 28, 1989 v310 n7587 p57(2)


"Peeking at twins."

The Economist, November 3, 1990 v317 n7679 p99(2)


"Reinventing the robot." (MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

The Economist, October 27, 1990 v317 n7678 p91(2)


"Sigmund the interactive." (Sigmund Freud, Interactive Health Systems computerized psychotherapy program)

The Economist, July 7, 1990 v316 n7662 p80(1)


"Trading flesh around the globe." (demand for organ donors has resulted in a lively, illicit trade)

Time, June 17, 1991 v137 n24 p61(1)


"Untrashing Margaret Mead."

Scientific American, November 1986 v255 p56(3)


"What twins tell us about schizophrenia."

U.S. News & World Report, April 2, 1990 v108 n13 p13(2)


"When logic is not enough." (artificial intelligence )

The Economist, August 25, 1990 v316 n7669 p69(2)

Aeschliman, M.D.

"Death of the soul: from Descartes to the computer." (book review)

National Review, September 26, 1986 v38 p60(1)

Alcock, James E.

"Psychology and Near-Death Experiences."

The Skeptical Inquirer, Spring 1979 p25-41

Angelo, Bonnie

"Examining the limits of life." (includes related article on the ethics of transplanting the hearts of anencephalic babies and the temptation to declare potential donors dead prematurely)

Time, Nov 2, 1987 v130 p76(2)

Arnold, Robert M.; Youngner, Stuart J.

"The Dead Donor Rule: Should We Stretch It, Bend It, or Abandon It?"

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, June 1993

Arnold, Robert M.; Youngner, Stuart J.

"Do Organ Donors Have to be Dead?"

Harper's Magazine, December 1993 v287 n1723 p22(3)

Ayer, A.J.

"'What I saw when I was dead.'" (author's description of his near-death experience)

National Review, October 14, 1988 v40 n20 p38(3)

Bailey, Ronald

"Should I be allowed to buy your kidney?"

Forbes, May 28, 1990 v145 n11 p365(6)

Barnett, Robert

"Is aging old hat?" (Total Health special advertising section)

U.S. News & World Report, October 7, 1991 v111 n15 pA8(1)

Bazell, Robert

"Sins and twins." (intelligence, crime studies)

The New Republic, December 21, 1987 v197 n25 p17(2)

Beardsley, Tim

"Aging comes of age: the new biology turns its acumen to an old topic."

Scientific American, May 1989 v260 n5 p17(2)

Beardsley, Tim

"Mind reader: do personality tests pick out bad apples?" (Science and Business)

Scientific American, April 1991 v264 n4 p154(2)

Benderly, Beryl Lieff

"Biomarkers: The 10 Determinants of Aging You Can Control." (book review)

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, July-August 1991 v10 n6 p100(1)

Blackmore, Susan

"Near-Death Experiences: In or Out of the Body?"

The Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1991 p34-45

Blakely, Mary Kay

"Halfway to heaven!" (coma victim who heard, understood, and remembers everything)

Redbook, July 1989 v173 n3 p126(8)

Boudette, Neal E.

"Artificial intelligence demystified."

Industry Week, December 4, 1989 v238 n23 p62(4)

Boxer, Sarah

"Itching to know why man ages? Mosquitoes may help us find out." (free-radical theories)

Discover, January 1987 v8 p13(2)

Canter, Mark

"Wearing the family genes." (inherited traits)

Men's Health, June 1990 v5 n2 p72(6)

Carpenter, Betsy

"Will machines ever think?"

U.S. News & World Report, October 17, 1988 v105 n15 p64(2)

Cerami, Anthony; Vlassara, Helen; Brownlee, Michael

"Glucose and aging."

Scientific American, May 1987 v256 p90(7)

Chance, Paul

"Personality's part and parcel: some say there are two kinds of people. What kind of people would say that?"

Psychology Today, April 1988 v22 n4 p18(2)

Chesanow, Neil

"Twins: beyond the mirror image."

Redbook, September 1991 v177 n5 p68(5)

Churchland, Paul M.; Churchland, Patricia Smith

"Could a machine think?" (Artificial Intelligence: a Debate)

Scientific American, January 1990 v262 n1 p32(6)

Clarfield, A.M.

"Handbook of the Biology of Aging, 3d ed." (book review)

JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, February 20, 1991 v265 n7 p916(1)

Colen, B.D.

"The generation blur." (age-postponing behavior)

Health, October 1989 v21 n10 p30(2)

Dickson, David

"Human experiment roils French medicine." (test on brain-dead patient)

Science, March 18, 1988 v239 n4846 p1370(1)

Dolnick, Edward

"The people inside." (multiple personalities)

Hippocrates, July-August 1989 v3 n4 p32(9)

Dranov, Paula

"Slow forward." (anti-aging research)

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, July-August 1989 v8 n6 p62(7)

Dreyfus, Hubert; Dreyfus, Stuart

"Why computers may never think like people."

Technology Review, January 1986 v89 p42(20)

Ebert, Alan

"A glimpse of heaven: caught in a limbo between life and death, these survivors say they saw a dazzling world beyond this one."

Redbook, July 1991 v177 n3 p88(3)

Erickson, Deborah

"Seeking senescence: specific genes may control how many times a cell can divide." (Science and the Citizen)

Scientific American, April 1991 v264 n4 p18(1)

Erickson, Deborah

"Big-time orphan: human growth hormone could be a blockbuster."

Scientific American, September 1990 v263 n3 p164(2)

Evans, William; Rosenberg, Irwin H.; Thompson, Jacqueline

"Boosting your biomarkers of youth."

Prevention, March 1991 v43 n3 p40(13)

Fackelmann, K.A.

"Liver-transplant surgeons use living donor."

Science News, December 2, 1989 v136 n23 p358(1)

Fahey, Valerie

"Is there a youth hormone?"

In Health, Jan-Feb 1990 v4 n1 p37(1)

Farrell, Jeanette

"The last picture show." (near-death experience)

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, May 1991 v10 n4 p14(1)

Flieger, Ken

"Why do we age?"

FDA Consumer, October 1988 v22 n8 p20(6)

Franklin, Deborah; Davis, Lisa; Hossfeld, Mary; Carey, Benedict

"Hooked, not hooked: why isn't everyone an addict?"

In Health, Nov-Dec 1990 v4 n6 p38(15)

Gallagher, Winifred

"The torment of multiple-personality disorder."

Cosmopolitan, November 1990 v209 n5 p302(4)

Goldberg, Jack; True, William R.; Eisen, Seth A.; Henderson, William G.

"A twin study of the effects of the Vietnam war on posttraumatic stress disorder."

JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, March 2, 1990 v263 n9 p1227(6)

Hawkins, William J.

"Smarter bugs." (William Dress's computer programs that learn)

Popular Science, July 1988 v233 n1 p22(1)

Hodgkinson, Neville

"Euthanasia: A Judge Warns Doctors Must Not 'Play God.'"

The Times (of London), 30 November 1986 p1

Hodgkinson, Neville

"When Does a Beating Heart Die?" (cont'd as: "Nearly Dead is Not Dead, Warns Doctor")

The Times (of London), 7 December 1986 p1 (cont'd on p3)

Hodgkinson, Neville

"Calls for New Brain Death Code."

The Times (of London), 14 December 1986 p5

Hodgkinson, Neville

"Dead or Alive? Behind the latest transplant triumphs doctors are in a dilemma over the definition of death and the ethics of such surgery." ("News in Focus" special report)

The Times (of London), 21 December 1986 p13

Holden, Constance

"The rational optimist: will computers ever think like people? This expert on artificial intelligence and cognitive science asks, why not?"

Psychology Today, October 1986 v20 p54(7)

Holden, Constance

"Genes and behavior: a twin legacy."

Psychology Today, September 1987 v21 p18(2)

Holmes, Bob

"Behind the lines in the transplant wars."

U.S. News & World Report, Sept 28, 1992 v113 n12 p80(2)

Hooper, Judith

"Ommm . . . please pass the DHEAS." (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, 'anti-aging' hormone, found in higher levels in people who meditate)

Health, October 1989 v21 n10 p34(1)

Horgan, John

"Double trouble: when identical twins are not identical."

Scientific American, December 1990 v263 n6 p25(2)

Hunter, Lawrence

"Understanding Computers and Cognition." (book review)

Technology Review, July 1988 v91 n5 p74(3)

Jerome, Marty

"Neural nets: back in style." (Includes related article: 'Whatever happened to AI?')

PC Computing, March 1989 v2 n3 p72(2)

Johnston, Christopher

"Tell it to Dr. Shrink." (personality analysis program product announcement)

PC Computing, December 1988 v1 n5 p64(1)

Kahn, Carol

"On ice: for a few believers, a frosty dream of immortality moves closer and closer every day."

Health, March 1987 v19 p70(5)

Kohn, Alfie

"The kinder sex?"

Health, September 1990 v22 n8 p32(2)

Laliberte, Richard

"Breaking the age barrier: how science is going to help you stay healthier, handsomer, stronger and sexually vital for much longer."

Men's Health, June 1991 v6 n3 p46(10)

Lawren, Bill

"Hype over a hormone: human growth extract won't really keep us young."

Health, March 1991 v23 n2 p62(3)

Lehmann, Nicholas

"Otherworld journeys: accounts of near-death experience in medieval and modern times." (book review)

The Atlantic, July 1987 v259 p96(2)

Levoy, Gregg

"Born rivals." (how being a twin affected the author's psychology)

Psychology Today, June 1989 v23 n6 p67(2)

Levy, Steven

"The Artificial Intelligence Debate." (book review)

Whole Earth Review, Summer 1991 n71 p124(1)

Lister, Pamela

"Inspector skin: using space-age technology, Gary Grove of the Skin Study Center proves that some cosmetics do more than adorn and camouflage. Some even change the way we age."

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, April 1990 v9 n3 p56(6)

Lowenstein, Jerold M.

"The transplant gap."

Discover, June 1993 v14 n6 p26(4)

Marquardt, Karl

"What mid-life crisis? Your personality traits remain constant throughout life."

Health, December 1987 v19 n12 p16(1)

Marsa, Linda

"The 23 lives of Lisa Malone." (includes related information about multiple personality disorders)

Woman's Day, August 7, 1990 p36(5)

McCall, Robert B.

"Genes, IQ, & you." (intelligence quotient of children)

Parents' Magazine, December 1988 v63 n12 p128(5)

McCarthy, Laura Flynn

"Youth — or consequences? The truth about the new aging antidotes." (illustration)

Working Woman, May 1990 v15 n5 p116(2)

Meer, Jeff

"Man-made minds: the promise of artificial intelligence." (book review)

Psychology Today, December 1987 v21 n12 p73(2)

Miller, Julie Ann

"Research update: from the 1989 meeting in Phoenix of the Society for Neuroscience."

BioScience, February 1990 v40 n2 p87(3)

Miller, Julie Ann; Strange, Carolyn

"Long-lived worms."

BioScience, June 1990 v40 n6 p432(1)

Morrow, Lance

"When one body can save another: a family's act of lifesaving conception was on the side of angels, but hovering in the wings is the devilish ghost of Dr. Mengele."

Time, June 17, 1991 v137 n24 p54(5)

Muhlach, William L.

"Molecular Aspects of Development and Aging of the Nervous System."

BioScience, November 1991 v41 n10 p728(1)

Murray, Joseph E.

"Human organ transplantation: background and consequences."

Science, June 5, 1992 v256 n5062 p1411(6)

Murray, Thomas H.

"The gift of life must always remain a gift."

Discover, March 1986 v7 p90(3)

Neuhaus, Richard John

"The altruistic personality." (discussion of a study done called The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe)

National Review, June 10, 1988 v40 n11 p42(1)

Nielsen, Susan

"Most-asked questions about donating organs."

Good Housekeeping, March 1990 v210 n3 p243(1)

Ornstein, Robert E.

"Bare your soul and beat disease." (value of confession)

Prevention, July 1989 v41 n7 p100(3)

Perry, Paul; Kurtz, Paul

"Brushes with death: the evidence from near-death experiences point to a hereafter."

Psychology Today, September 1988 v22 n9 p14(3)

Reed, Julia

"Genes: little things that mean a lot; new study of twins."

U.S. News & World Report, December 15, 1986 v101 p8(1)

Renshaw, Domeena C.

"Soul Murder: The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation." (book review)

JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, April 4, 1990 v263 n13 p1848(2)

Rose, Steven

"DNA and the goal of human perfectibility." (genetic engineering in human beings)

Monthly Review, July-August 1986 v38 p48(13)

Sacks, Oliver

"Soul Murder: The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation." (book review)

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, Jan-Feb 1990 v9 n1 p112(1)

Schulz, Leslie Dunn; Graham, LindaCarol

"'My baby will grow old — but she'll never grow up.'" (progeria, a disease that causes premature aging)

Redbook, February 1989 v172 n4 p44(2)

Searle, John R.

"Is the brain's mind a computer program?" (Artificial Intelligence: a Debate)

Scientific American, January 1990 v262 n1 p26(6)

Segal, Julius; Segal, Zelda

"Why kids are the way they are."

Parents' Magazine, December 1991 v66 n12 p80(6)

Sheehan, Susan

"How much is a life worth? For the family of 20-year-old leukemia patient Allison Atlas: whatever it takes."

Life, June 1990 v13 n8 p106(7)

Simon, Cheryl

"Dr. Jekyll, Senor Hyde." (research on how choice of language affects personality of bilingual people)

Psychology Today, December 1987 v21 n12 p16(1)

Sobel, Dava

"The 120-year man: by undereating, Roy Walford plans to beat the longevity odds."

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, September 1991 v10 n7 p18(3)

Sobel, Dava

"Rejuvenation vacation." (at the Pritikin Longevity Center)

Health, October 1989 v21 n10 p68(7)

Stark, Elizabeth

"The Personality Self-Portrait." (book review)

Health, July-August 1990 v22 n7 p31(3)

Swanbrow, Diane

"The paradox of happiness: new research reveals a surprising truth: the tendency to feel unhappy may lurk in your genes, but happiness is something you can create for yourself."

Psychology Today, July-August 1989 v23 n7-8 p37(3)

Swerdlow, Joel L.; Cate, Fred H.

"Why transplants don't happen."

The Atlantic, October 1990 v266 n4 p99(4)

Tavris, Carol

"The nature-nurture question: will it ever be answered?"

Cosmopolitan, March 1990 v208 n3 p218(4)

Tennesen, Michael

"Borders of age." (Russian gerontologist, Igor V. Persidsky, on assignment to develop an International Cross Cultural Center for Aging)

Modern Maturity, June-July 1991 v34 n3 p20(1)

Teresi, Dick

"Winding down: do our bodies wear out, or are our genes preset to self-destruct?"

Health, October 1989 v21 n10 p56(2)

Teresi, Dick

"Wanted: 40 more years." (effects on longevity of free radicals and nutrition)

Health, October 1989 v21 n10 p58(3)

Tierney, John

"Buying time." (the use of sheep cells to prolong life)

In Health, Jan-Feb 1990 v4 n1 p34(11)

Trotter, Bob

"Better memory through chemistry."

American Health: Fitness of Body and Mind, April 1991 v10 n3 p12(1)

Trotter, Robert J.

"The making of type A." (identifying Type A behavior in children)

Psychology Today, May 1986 v20 p12(1)

Warner, Huber R.; Baker, George T., III

"The Biology of Aging." (book review)

BioScience, March 1991 v41 n3 p183(3)

Wellborn, Stanley N.

"How genes shape personality."

U.S. News & World Report, April 13, 1987 v102 p58(4)

Wellborn, Stanley N.

"Extroverts are born, not made." (genes and behavior)

U.S. News & World Report, April 13, 1987 v102 p62(1)

Witkin-Lanoil, Georgia

"Beat the clock! Your biological timer is an ally, not a threat."

Health, March 1987 v19 p8(1)

Wolkomir, Richard

"Working the bugs out of a new breed of 'insect' robots." (robots that behave like insects)

Smithsonian, June 1991 v22 n3 p64(8) 1991

Wood, Clive

"The character of personality."

Psychology Today, March 1987 v21 p8(2)

Wood, Robert Chapman

"The real challenge of Japan's Fifth Generation project." (artificial intelligence computer)

Technology Review, January 1988 v91 n1 p66(8)

Wright, Karen

"Nature, nurture and death: a study of adoptees suggests there is no escaping heredity."

Scientific American, June 1988 v258 n6 p34(2)

Yam, Philip

"'Daisy, Daisy': do computers have near-death experiences?"

Scientific American, May 1993 v268 n5 p32(2)

Yeaple, Judith Anne

"Robot insects."

Popular Science, March 1991 v238 n3 p52(5)

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