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Northern Stars

Edited by David G. Hartwell and Glenn Grant

Published by Tor (0-886-77566-3) in August 1994, 384pp., hardcover.
A selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club.

[Northern Stars

Table of Contents:

  • "A Niche" by Peter Watts
  • "Mother Lode" by Phyllis Gotlieb
  • "Home by the Sea" by Élisabeth Vonarburg; translated by Jane Brierley
  • "Under Another Moon" by Dave Duncan
  • "Remember, the Dead Say" by Jean-Louis Trudel
  • "One" by Heather Spears
  • "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer" by Lesley Choyce
  • "User Friendly" by Spider Robinson
  • "Distant Signals" by Andrew Weiner
  • "The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind" by Terence M. Green
  • "The Winter Market" by William Gibson
  • "The Byrds" by Michael G. Coney
  • "Soluble-Fish" by Joël Champetier; translated by Louise Samson
  • "Memetic Drift" by Glenn Grant
  • "The Reckoning of Gifts" by James Alan Gardner
  • "The Cauldron" by Donald M. Kingsbury
  • "Happy Days in Old Chernobyl" by Claude-Michel Prévost; translated by John Greene
  • "Pity the Monsters" by Charles de Lint
  • "Carpe Diem" by Eileen Kernaghan
  • "Xils" by Esther Rochon; translated by Lucille Nelson
  • "Stolen Fires" by Yves Meynard
  • "Retrieval" by John Park
  • "Outport" by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  • "Just Like Old Times" by Robert J. Sawyer
  • "Stardust Boulevard" by Daniel Sernine; translated by Jane Brierley
  • "Ballads in 3/4 Time" by Robert Charles Wilson
  • "(Learning About) Machine Sex" by Candas Jane Dorsey
  • Afterword by Judith Merril

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