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1995revu.htm1995 Year in Review
1996revu.htm1996 Year in Review
1997revu.htm1997 Year in Review
1998revu.htm1998 Year in Review
1999revu.htm1999 Year in Review
2000revu.htm2000 Year in Review
20apes.htm2020 Vision — Ape Rights
20contac.htm2020 Vision — First Contact
20geneti.htm2020 Vision — Genetics
20immort.htm2020 Vision — Immortality
20implan.htm2020 Vision — Brain Implants
20index.htm2020 Vision Index
20living.htm2020 Vision — Living Sea
20mammot.htm2020 Vision — Mammoths
20pregna.htm2020 Vision — Male Pregnancy
20robot.htm2020 Vision — Robot J. Sawyer
20second.htm2020 Vision — Second Coming
20telepo.htm2020 Vision — Teleportation
20virtua.htm2020 Vision — Virtual Visits
21stcent.htmScience in the 21st Century
aa97plan.htm1997 Aurora Award Trophy Design
aawrong.htmWhat's Wrong with the Auroras?
about.htmAbout the Author
aboutthe.htmAbout the Author
aceia.htmA Few Words About Illegal Alien
agent.htmLanding an Agent
amazonte.htmAmazon.com Top 100 Bestselling Books of 1996
anindex.htmAnthologies index
aralouet.htmAlouette Interview
aramazin.htmLiterary Career
aramazon.htmAmazon.com Interview
aranalog.htmBiolog Survey Form
arbic.htmBooks in Canada Profile
arbncom.htmBarnes and Noble Interview
arburst.htmProfile by Michael A. Burstein
archalle.htmChallenging Destiny
arconst.htmOn Being Interviewed
arcp.htmCanadian Press profile
ardelos.htmDelos Interview
aredo.htmNorthern Dreamers
argazett.htmCanadian Space Gazette Interview
arindex.htmProfiles and Interviews
arinklin.htmInklings Interview
arlilley.htmSFRevu Interview
aroxford.htmOxford Books Interview
arpitt.htmWriting Frameshift
arreuter.htmReuter World Report profile
arrtccis.htmReal-Time Conference
arruaud.htmYellow Submarine Interview
arscifiw.htmSF Weekly Interview
arsfc.htmScience Fiction Chronicle profile
arsjg.htmSt. James Guide to SF Writers
artangen.htmTangent Profile
arwhowho.htmCanadian Who's Who
asimov.htmIsaac Asimov
asimov2.htmIsaac Asimov (Toronto Star)
auindex.htmAudio Index
aurora.htmAurora Award Ceremonies
aurora2.htmAurora Trophies
autograp.htmOrdering Sawyer Books
awards.htmAwards and Honors
beginner.htmLetter to Beginning Writers
bgawards.htmBackgrounder: Science Fiction Awards
biblia.htmAlpha Centauri info
biblsx.htmStarplex Recommended Reading
biblte.htmThe Terminal Experiment Bibliography
blff.htmCover Blurb: Calculating God
bler.htmCover Blurb: End of an Era
blff.htmCover Blurb: FlashForward
blfh.htmCover Blurb: Factoring Humanity
blfr.htmCover Blurb: Frameshift
blgf.htmCover Blurb: Golden Fleece
blia.htmCover Blurb: Illegal Alien
bliasfbc.htmCatalog Copy: Illegal Alien (SFBC)
blindex.htmCover Blurb Index
blog.htmRob's Diary (Latest Entries)
blog400.htmRob's Diary (Older Entries)
blog300.htmRob's Diary (Older Entries)
blog200.htmRob's Diary (Older Entries)
blogold.htmRob's Diary (Older Entries)
blq1.htmCover Blurb: Far-Seer
blq2.htmCover Blurb: Fossil Hunter
blq3.htmCover Blurb: Foreigner
blsx.htmCover Blurb: Starplex
blsxsfbc.htmCatalog Copy: Starplex (SFBC)
blte.htmCover Blurb: The Terminal Experiment
bralien.htmBook Review: The Science of Aliens
brdiffer.htmBook Review: The Difference Engine
brdinohu.htmBook Review: Dinosaur Hunters
brdinopr.htmBook Review: The Dinosaur Project
brdistan.htmBook Review: Distant Signals
brindex.htmBook Reviews Index
brkurz.htmBook Review: The Age of Spiritual Machines
brnighte.htmBook Review: Nighteyes
brodysse.htmBook Review: An Odyssey in Time
brstarcr.htmBook Review: Starcrosser
bryearsb.htmBook Review: Year's Best SF
caindex.htmCanadian Science Fiction Index
canlit.htmIs Robert J. Sawyer a part of Canadian Literature?
carolyn.htmCarolyn Clink
cdaaward.htmAward-Winning Canadian SF&F
cdnregio.htmThe Canadian Region of SFWA
cgbn.htmOn Writing Calculating God
cgborder.htmScience and God>
cgstars.htmFlight Plan
cgtv.htmCalculating God on TV
classroo.htmSawyer Novels in the Classroom
clbios.htmCrossing the Line: About the Contributors
clement.htmTribute to Hal Clement
clintro.htmCrossing the Line: Introduction
coansx.htmAnalog Starplex Cover
coante.htmAnalog Terminal Experiment Cover
cobcsx.htmSF Book Club Starplex Cover
cobcte.htmSF Book Club Terminal Experiment Cover
cocacl.htmCrossing the Line Cover
cocat6.htmTesseracts 6 Cover
codute.htmDutch The Terminal Experiment
cofrte.htmFrench The Terminal Experiment
cogete.htmGerman The Terminal Experiment
coindex.htmCover Art Index
coitgf.htmItalian Golden Fleece
coitte.htmItalian The Terminal Experiment
cojper.htmJapanese End of an Era Cover
cojpgf.htmJapanese Golden Fleece Cover
cojpq1.htmJapanese Far-Seer Cover
cojpsx.htmJapanese Starplex Cover
cojpte.htmJapanese The Terminal Experiment Cover
concord.htmThe Quintaglio Concordance
concord2.htmThe Quintaglio Concordance
cons1.htmScience Fiction Conventions
cons2.htmWhy Authors Attend SF Conventions
copote.htmPolish The Terminal Experiment Cover
copyedit.htmNotes for the Copyeditor
copyrigh.htmCopyright Notice
corpus.htmChristus Hypercubus
cospte.htmSpanish The Terminal Experiment
cote.htmThe Terminal Experiment Covers
couker.htmUK End of an Era
coukfh.htmUK Factoring Humanity Cover
coukfr.htmUK Frameshift Cover
coukia.htmUK Illegal Alien Cover
coukq1.htmUK Quintaglio Covers
coukte.htmUK The Terminal Experiment Cover
couscg.htmNorth American Calculating God Cover
couser.htmNorth American End of an Era Cover
cousff.htmNorth American FlashForward Cover
cousfh.htmNorth American Factoring Humanity Cover
cousfr.htmNorth American Frameshift Covers
cousgf.htmNorth American Golden Fleece Cover
cousia.htmNorth American Illegal Alien Cover
cousq1.htmNorth American Quintaglio Covers
coussx.htmNorth American Starplex Cover
couste.htmNorth American The Terminal Experiment Cover
culture.htmTechnology and the End of Culture
cv.htmCurriculum Vitae
daer.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: End of an Era
dafh.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Illegal Alien
dafr.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Frameshift
dagf.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Golden Fleece
daia.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Illegal Alien
daindex.htmDedications & Acknowledgments Index
daq1.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Far-Seer
daq2.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Fossil Hunter
daq3.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Foreigner
darkside.htm1993: The Dark Side of the Force
dasx.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: Starplex
date.htmDedication & Acknowledgments: The Terminal Experiment
egcanadi.htmCanadian Science Fiction
egcolomb.htmJohn Robert Colombo
eggreen.htmTerence M. Green
egkingsb.htmDonald Kingsbury
egweiner.htmAndrew Weiner
ellis.htmArthur Ellis Award
essayff.htmWriting FlashForward
essayia.htmWriting Illegal Alien
essaylm.htmWriting "Lost in the Mail"
essaysx.htmWriting Starplex
essayte.htmWriting The Terminal Experiment
essayupc.htmWinning the UPC Award
essayys.htmWriting "You See But You Do Not Observe"
evquote.htmQuotes from Event Organizers
exer.htmEND OF AN ERA Index
exff.htmFLASHFORWARD Index
exfr.htmFRAMESHIFT Index
exgf.htmGOLDEN FLEECE Index
exia.htmILLEGAL ALIEN Index
exq1.htmFAR-SEER Index
exq2.htmFOSSIL HUNTER Index
exq3.htmFOREIGNER Index
exsx.htmSTARPLEX Index
fhalien.htmEpsilon Eridani Radio Message
fhtheme.htmThemes in Factoring Humanity
filelist.htmFile List
frlc.htmFrameshift: The Lost Chapters
frstruct.htmFrameshift Structural Analysis
gambino.htmFred Gambino
genetic.htmThe Genetic Code
gfalien.htmVulpecula Radio Message
gfmex.htmIntroduction to the Mexican edition of Golden Fleece
gfsequel.htmA Golden Fleece sequel?
goh.htmSawyer Guest of Honorships
gohquote.htmSawyer Guest of Honorships: Quotes
goodpres.htmGetting Good Press
green.htmTerence M. Green
greenbic.htmInterview: Terence M. Green
gst.htmGST Registration
hydra.htmOntario Hydra
ffital.htmIntroduction to the Italian Edition of FlashForward
joy.htmIs Technological Advancement Worth the Risks?
kingsbur.htmDonald Kingsbury
liindex.htmLinks to Other Sites
limited.htmSigned Limited Edition
lnadded.htmLatest News: Newly Added Files
lnappear.htmLatest News: Appearances
index.htmMain Page
mapland.htmMap of Land
mawcbc.htmThe Age of Miracle and Wonder
mcluhan.htmMcLuhan and ISDN
merril.htmJudith Merril: An Appreciation
mschklst.htmManuscript Format Checklist
nebautho.htmAuthors who have won Best Novel Nebula Awards
nebchron.htmNebula Winners for Best Novel (Chronological)
nebnovel.htmNebula Winners for Best Novel (Alphabetical)
nebphoto.htmNebula Award Photo
nebula.htmNebula Award
nebwin.htmOn Winning the Nebula Award
noindex.htmNOVELS Index
northern.htmNorthern Lights
ocbboy98.htmOttawa Citizen Best Books of the Year
oler.htmOpening Line
online.htmWriters Online
ow01.htmOn Writing 1 — Beginnings
ow02.htmOn Writing 2 — Characters
ow03.htmOn Writing 3 — Research
ow04.htmOn Writing 4 — Show Don't Tell
ow05.htmOn Writing 5 — Heinlein's Rules
ow06.htmOn Writing 6 — Word Processing
ow07.htmOn Writing 7 — Point of View
ow08.htmOn Writing 8 — Dialogue
ow09.htmOn Writing 9 — Cover Letters
ow10.htmOn Writing 10 — Professionalism
ow11.htmOn Writing 11 — Self-Promotion
ow12.htmOn Writing 12 — Description
owindex.htmOn Writing Column Index
owomout.htmThe Evolution of Science Fiction
panels.htmPanel Suggestions
pastprez.htmPresidents of SFWA
picklist.htmSawyer's Picks
platform.htmSFWA Platform
plexdiag.htmStarplex Diagrams
plr.htmPublic Lending Right
pog.htmPrisoners of Gravity
pohand.htmOn "The Hand You're Dealt"
pr2020.htmRob Joins Top Science TV Program
praeno98.htmPress Release: Arthur Nominations (1998)
prauno98.htmPress Release: Aurora Award Nominations (1998)
prauwi96.htmPress Release: Aurora Award Win (1996)
prauwi97.htmPress Release: Aurora Award Win (1997)
prauwi00.htmPress Release: Aurora Award Win (2000)
prbakka.htmPress Release: Bakka Move
prcarbon.htmPress Release: Illegal Alien Film Option
prcg.htmPress Release: Calculating God
prff.htmPress Release: FlashForward
prfh.htmPress Release: Factoring Humanity
prfr.htmPress Release: Frameshift
prgpwi96.htmPress Release: Grand Prix Win (1996)
prhuno97.htmPress Release: Hugo Nomination (1997)
prhuno98.htmPress Release: Hugo Nominations (1998)
prhuno99.htmPress Release: Hugo Nominations (1999)
pria.htmPress Release: Illegal Alien
prindex.htmPress Release Index
pritf.htmPress Release: Inventing the Future: 2000 Years of Discovery
prmadein.htmPress Release: Made in Canada
prnewi95.htmPress Release: Nebula Win (1996)
prseno97.htmPress Release: Seiun Nomination (1997)
prsewi97.htmPress Release: Seiun Win (1997)
prsfwa.htmPress Release: SFWA President
prsfwi98.htmPress Release: SFC Reader Award Win (1998)
prsx.htmPress Release: Starplex
prt6.htmPress Release: Tesseracts 6
prtaddle.htm1999 Taddle Creek Summer Writers' Workshop
prte.htmPress Release: The Terminal Experiment
prtour98.htmPress Release: 1998 Book Tour
prupwi97.htmPress Release: Premio UPC Win (1997)
prupwi98.htmPress Release: Premio UPC Win (1998)
q1art.htmNotes for the Far-Seer Cover Artist
q3tower.htmJijaki Space Elevator
quintag.htmWriting the Quintaglio Ascension
reading.htmPublic Readings
reer.htmReview Excerpts: End of an Era
reff.htmReview Excerpts: FlashForward
refh.htmReview Excerpts: Factoring Humanity
refr.htmReview Excerpts: Frameshift
regf.htmReview Excerpts: Golden Fleece
reia.htmReview Excerpts: Illegal Alien
reindex.htmReview Excerpts Index
req1.htmReview Excerpts: Far-Seer
req2.htmReview Excerpts: Fossil Hunter
req3.htmReview Excerpts: Foreigner
rerjs.htmReview Excerpts: About Robert J. Sawyer
resx.htmReview Excerpts: Starplex
rete.htmReview Excerpts: The Terminal Experiment
reweb.htmReview Excerpts: The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site
rewhats.htmWhat's a Robert J. Sawyer novel like?
rgff.htmCalculating God Reading Group Guide
rgff.htmFlashForward Reading Group Guide
rgfh.htmFactoring Humanity Reading Group Guide
rgfr.htmFrameshift Reading Group Guide
rggf.htmGolden Fleece Reading Group Guide
rgia.htmIllegal Alien Reading Group Guide
rgindex.htmReading Group Guides Index
photos.htmRobert J. Sawyer Author Photos
rmalienn.htmOn Alien Nation
rmasilaw.htmOn Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics
rmcanadi.htmIs Canadian SF Different From American SF?
rmcharac.htmCharacterization and Aliens
rmclarke.htmOn Arthur C. Clarke
rmdeatho.htmThe Death of Science Fiction
rmdefini.htmDefining Science Fiction
rmdomest.htmDomestic Canadian SF
rmescapi.htmEscapism and SF
rmfatboo.htmFat Books and Computers
rmfood.htmThe Future of Food
rmformal.htmFormal Writing Training
rmindex.htmRob's Random Musings Index
rmjudgin.htmJudging a Book by its Cover
rmlawyer.htmLawyers in Science Fiction
rmmoving.htmMoving to Space
rmnonfic.htmStarting Out Writing Nonfiction
rmquint2.htmAre the Quintaglios Too Human?
rmquinta.htmAre the Quintaglios Too Clever?
rmreview.htmOn Reviews
rmsawyer.htmSawyer's Universe — Not!
rmspecfi.htmOn "Speculative Fiction"
rmstfive.htmOn Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
rsauno98.htmFour Aurora Nominations
rtirfh.htmRob on TV
rtirfr.htmRob on TV
sccg.htmCalculating God
scer.htmEnd of an Era
scfh.htmFactoring Humanity
scgf.htmGolden Fleece
scia.htmIllegal Alien
scindex.htmOpening Chapters Index
scq2.htmFossil Hunter
scte.htmThe Terminal Experiment
sfage.htmY3K: Science Fiction Age
sfwacraz.htmCrazy SFWA Position
sfwapod.htmPrint on Demand
sfwapos.htmOnline Bookselling
sfwarefe.htmThe Sawyer Referendum
shortfic.htmShort-Fiction Bibliography
stindex.htmShort Stories
summer.htmSF For People Who've Never Read SF Before
t6after.htmTesseracts 6: Afterword
t6bios.htmTesseracts 6: About the Contributors
t6intro.htmTesseracts 6: Introduction
tc100.htm100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories
tcark.htmArk of Ice
tccl.htmCrossing the Line
tcdante.htmDante's Disciples
tcdino2.htmDinosaurs II
tcdinof.htmDinosaur Fantastic
tcdinore.htmReturn of the Dinosaurs
tcdracul.htmDark Destiny III
tcnoi.htmNorth of Infinity
tcnorth.htmNorthern Stars
tcsherlo.htmSherlock Holmes in Orbit
tct6.htmTesseracts 6
themes.htmThemes in Rob's Fiction
titles.htmTitle Changes
topten.htmTop Ten Things
tour.htmLatest News
tpcg.htmCalculating God Typical Passage
tpfr.htmFlashForward Typical Passage
tpfr.htmFrameshift Typical Passage
tpgf.htmGolden Fleece Typical Passage
tpia.htmIllegal Alien Typical Passage
tpsx.htmStarplex Typical Passage
tv.htmRob on TV
tv.htmRob's TV Demo Tape
vanbelk2.htmEdo van Belkom (2000)
vanbelko.htmEdo van Belkom (1997)
wordstar.htmWordStar: A Writer's Word Processor
writemap.htmRecommended Canadian SF
y3kai.htmY3K: Artificial Intelligence
y3kbody.htmY3K: The Human Body
y3kdaily.htmY3K: Daily Life in the Year 3000
y3kinter.htmY3K: Interstellar Travel
y3ksolar.htmY3K: The Future of the Solar System

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